Hello, I’m Erin. I live outside of Portland, Oregon with my husband, Dave, baby daughter, Phillie, and tuxedo cat, Burt.

Braising is my favorite cooking method. There is something beautiful about taking a tough piece of meat and simmering it low and slow until it becomes magnificently tender.

Much of who I am as a cook, and my love for comfort food, comes from my parents. My cooking is influenced tremendously by the time I spent cooking in a couple Portland restaurants many years ago, particularly Southpark Seafood and Fratelli. I love to travel, and food I’m introduced to on my travels will show up here from time to time. I’m recently very inspired by Sam Smith of Tusk, Alison Roman, and Ottolenghi.

When Dave and I started dating in 2012 I worked three jobs, and seven days a week. It didn’t take me long of being with him to realize I needed to slow down to nurture my life and our relationship. That choice led to most of my dreams coming true. Now I’m here to chase some others. Welcome.